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I’m not trying to write a novel here, just want to give you a few thoughts on Hip Hop, a bit of this and that mixed with a smidgen of humor! Plain and simple!

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The Questions - Menace Conspiracy Worldwide Radio Edition

Menace has taken time out from his busy schedule to answer those questions that give us a window into his fiendish mind!  Read on!

b-girl: What was the first Hip Hop record you ever bought?

MENACE: The first Hip Hop record I ever bought was ‘Licensed To Ill’ in Woolworths (RIP), but this wasn’t  ‘86.  I was a lot later coping it due to being born in ‘85.  I guess I would have just turned 12 at the time.

Which artists / Hip Hoppers are on your interview wishlist?

MENACE: Lets see, as far as artists go KRS-One of course, Q-Tip, De La, ?Love, Dr Dre, Common, Too Short, Nas, ‘Em to name a few!  Beyond artists, I would love to interview Larry David, Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Spike Lee, Nicholas Cage.  Again, just to name a few! 

b-girl: What’s your favorite curse word?

MENACE: Lately it’s been FUCK HEAD!

b-girl: You’ve just won a record breaking lottery pay out.  The first 3 things you purchase are?

MENACE: Man, how awesome wold that be? The first 3 things I would purchase would be; A house both out in the States and in the UK (can we count that as 1 thing or not?), two studios one of which would overlook a city and the other overlooking a tranquil like setting.  My third thing of purchase might have to wait until my head processed the amount of money I had just won.  Is that a boring answer?  (b-girl: err yeah it is!  ha! I jest!)

b-girl: If there was one thing you could change about Hip Hop, what would it be?

MENACE:The lack of discipline exercised culturally and musically.

b-girl: For arguments sake lets assume reincarnation is real.  Who or what would you come back as?

MENACE: Half Wolf and half Dolphin. BUT the Dolphin part of me would have wings!  Gangsta sh*t!!

b-girl: Your favorite colour is?

MENACE: RED, the colour of passion!

b-grl: I say hop into my time machine. You say take me to the year ——

MENACE: 1994 or 95. I say take me to both and I will pay for the time machine fuel. My reasons? For starters 1994 saw classic releases from artists like; Nas, Big, Outkast, Jeru, Beatnuts, Common, Gravediggaz, Organized Konfusion, Beastie Boys, Method Man, The Roots, Scarface, E-40, Redman, Odd Squad, UGK, Dru-Down, Kurious but to name a few!  While ‘95 saw classics from; Goodie Mobb, KRS-One, Tha Alkaholiks, ODB, Big L,  Grand Puba, Group Home, GZA, Mobb Deep, Rawkwon, etc!  Having said all that, I would love to visit every year pre 94 too!

b-girl: Which actor would you like to see portray your life story in a movie?

MENACE: That’s easy, hands down - Jean Claude Van Damme!  No!  Either Ryan Goslin OR Aaron Paul. However, neither look like me, so I might just have to holla at MICKEY ROURKE!

b-girl: If the technology we see in the movie The Matrix becomes a reality what skill or skills would you have downloaded into your mind?

MENACE:  Well for starters, I’d be able to dance! I’d also be able to cook a mean dish, speak sign language and be able to talk to Dolphins.

b-girl: What is without doubt your favorite alcoholic drink?

MENACE: Without doubt Budweiser.  I’m not a big drinker, but when I do drink, Bud is my sh*t! Definitely!

b-girl: What is your guilty pleasure?

MENACE: Lykke Li records, shhhh, keep it on the hush!

b-girl:  That was fun!  Menace did good!

Click this link for the Conspiracy Worldwide Radio latest broadcasts featuring super investigative Journalist Greg Palast, Exclusive EPMD tracks from their new album, EPMD Hit Squad reunion, RA Rugged Man and so much more!  The show frequently tops the podcast charts.  Make sure you fall AWAKE and take a listen!

ps I’m waiting to hear that Ryan Goslin is a guest on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio!  That would be very, very good news indeed!

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